Consent to Transmit Information

I expressly request the sharing of my and my co-applicants’ (where applicable) information, including but not limited to name, email, subject property information, address history, gender, Social Security Number, date of birth, marital status, lender, and loan information between Acumen Labs, Inc. (“Acumen”), my/our lender, and Acumen Solutions Group, LLC. (“Acumen Insurance”), Mountain America Insurance Services, LLC (“MAIS”), as well as the insurance companies that work with Acumen Insurance and MAIS, and their respective agents or affiliated companies (together, the “Insurance Companies”) for the purposes of generating insurance quotes and underwriting an insurance policy.  I also authorize Insurance Companies to share their quotes and other information about me with Acumen, Acumen Solutions Group, and MAIS, in order to present me with their offers.

I expressly request that the Insurance Companies, or their respective agents or partner companies, confirm my and my co-applicants’ (where applicable) information by obtaining my/our consumer report(s) (or credit report(s)), and they may use information from this report such as my/our claims history and credit-based insurance score(s), where permitted by law, to give an accurate quote and underwrite an insurance policy. I understand that this will not impact my credit score, and that I may contact these Insurance Companies to request that they provide the name and address of the consumer reporting agency that provided the consumer report.

I understand that (a) Acumen is a digital technology provider and it not an insurer or insurance agent, broker, or producer, and that policy obligations are the sole responsibility of the issuing Insurance Company, (b) the insurance quotes and any resulting insurance policies provided by Acumen Insurance or MAIS and the Insurance Companies that work with Acumen Insurance, and their respective agents or affiliated companies, are not provided by Acumen Labs, Inc., and (c) I may be able to obtain an insurance policy on more competitive terms than those presented by such insurance quotes.