Voluntary Benefits

Comprehensive programs designed
to give your employees more
coverage options

Voluntary Benefits

Comprehensive programs designed
to give your employees more
coverage options

Offering Voluntary Benefits

Are you struggling with higher and higher insurance costs? Are you getting the most for your benefit dollars? Do your employees understand and appreciate the benefits you provide for them? Are your employees’ benefits needs being met with your current plan?

Accident Insurance | Critical Illness Insurance | Disability Insurance | Life Insurance

Make your benefits count!

Acumen Benefits Group is a single source for:

  • Benefits counseling – core and voluntary benefits.
  • A broad portfolio of industry-leading personal insurance products.
  • Superior service for both accounts and policyholders.

Take just a few minutes to review our services to learn how Acumen Benefits Group can make benefits count for you and your employees

Then, all we’ll need is a few minutes to gather specific information on your current benefits program. Acumen will review this information and work with you to open the door to some innovative solutions that could help you…

  • Control your benefit costs by providing voluntary benefits to help employees pay for what their health insurance doesn’t.
  • Communicate the benefits you provide your employees more effectively so they will better understand and appreciate them.
  • Enhance your enrollment process while taking the burden off of you and your staff.
  • Provide the convenience of payroll deduction for employee-paid options and enjoy.
  • Hassle-free, voluntary benefits administration through our secure, web-based services.
  • Make employee benefits more affordable for you and your employees with the tax savings from pre-taxed qualified benefits.
  • Help you attract and retain workers and, ultimately, build a stronger business by expanding and enhancing your benefits program – at no direct cost to you.

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    Investing in Your People

    The Acumen Benefits Group and its partners have been helping employers and employees for 75 years supporting more than 50,000 businesses, government organizations and associations in managing their benefits programs. And we can do the same for you!

    Doesn’t it make sense to invest just a few minutes now? You could find ways to manage your benefits costs and improve your employee benefits and enrollment program for the long-term.

    Voluntary Product Offerings:

    Accident Insurance

    Critical Illness Insurance

    Disability Insurance

    Life Insurance

    We offer many other types of insurance programs

    Acumen Solutions Group offers additional types of insurance products to meet the needs of your business. We understand the insurance needs of specialized industries and build our programs to fit your individual situation.

    Related Products

    In addition to this protection, you may consider building a more comprehensive program including other insurance products for your business and assets.

    general liability insurance policy

    General Liability

    Coverage to protect from claims including; bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and other claims that can arise from business operations.

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    professional liability insurance policies

    Professional Liability

    Protection for professional service-providers from the cost of defending a negligence claim, and any damages awarded in a civil lawsuit.

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    Officer & Director insurance policies

    Directors & Officers

    Policy providing comprehensive coverage for “wrongful acts”, such as an error, omission, misleading statement, or neglect of a director or officer.

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    Cyber crime liability insurance


    Insurance coverage for the risks associated with storing and managing digital consumer information, data security and data breaches.

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