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Specialized services for Collection Agencies, Debt Buyers and Law Firms

Acumen Solutions Group offers customized insurance service bundles specifically designed for receivables management firms. These highly specialized programs provide key protections to collection agencies, debt buyers and law firms that allow them to operate with appropriate protections in place. Receivables management firms require a very unique insurance mix to protect their assets, their people and their overall business operations.

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Receivables Management insurance policies


Offering proprietary insurance programs to meet the unique needs of debt buyer, collection agency and law firm clients.

collection agency licensing


Assisting clients with initial licensing, statutory bonds, registered agent services, and managing the renewal process using custom technology that simplifies the process.

receivables management compliance


Reviewing compliance documentation to help businesses manage documentation requirements, including those relevant to RMA Certification and CFPB examination guidelines.

Compliance Solutions


Approved audit firm for industry trade organizations and their compliance certification programs.

Receivables Management Association Authorized Auditor
Receivables Management Association Authorized Auditor

Related Products

Organizations in the receivables management industry often need specialized insurance packages to fit their complex needs.
We offer the right mix of insurance coverages for collection agencies, debt buyers and collection law firms to be successful.

general liability insurance policy from acumen solutions group

General Liability

Coverage to protect from claims including; bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and other claims that can arise from business operations.

professional liability insurance policies from acumen solutions group

Professional Liability

Protection for professional service-providers from the cost of defending a negligence claim, and any damages awarded in a civil lawsuit.

Cyber crime liability insurance


Insurance coverage for the risks associated with storing and managing digital consumer information, data security and data breaches.

health insurance


Developing coverage for your employees and their families including options for dental, vision and more.

We offer many other insurance products

Acumen Solutions Group offers additional types of insurance products to meet the needs of your business. We understand the specialized needs of receivables management firms and build our programs to fit you.

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